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Jet dispensing machine accessories can help jet dispensing machine complete dispensing work of higher quality, the quality of a large area of glue coating is closely linked with jet dispensing machine parts quality, injection valve and pressure barrels an.

With the high speed jet dispensing machine popularization, more and more industries started to use the traditional contact dispensing equipment more than excellent equipment, but because of this kind of equipment was not long, only a few people have a cer.

Dispensing and dispensing valve with the industry, now with the development of science and technology, various industries began to rise, such as the mobile phone industry, from the original mobile phone keyboard, capacitive touch screen mobile phone to no.

Now some manufacturers use viscosity glue, so what kind of dispensing valve does high viscosity glue need? It is recommended to use the silicone dispensing valve made in China. Detailed parameters of silicone dispensing valve This is a customized dispensi.

High-speed dispensing valve is a high-precision dispensing accessories, can be assembled in a variety of dispensing machines, in gantry spray dispensing machine application can not only improve dispensing efficiency, but also non-contact spraying work, re.

AB dispensing valve must be known by many people. Has anyone ever understood its performance? Do you know that it uses AB glue to have the performance of AB dispensing valve? The dispensing needle barrel also conforms to the use of dual-liquid glue, the p.

Underground UV dispenser is a relatively large dispensing equipment, most of which are customized type, general manufacturers will not produce, because there is no standard model of UV dispenser, mainly customized according to industry production needs, s.

Piston pressure barrel is mainly used to transport high viscosity, fluidity of liquid materials. There are three holes in the barrel cover, one ball valve (for deflation), one safety valve (when the pressure exceeds the safe range, it will automatically d.

The application of CCD vision system in automatic dispensing machine is very common. Like other dispensing machines, CCD vision system can be used not only for desktop dispensing equipment, but also for cabinet dispensing machine. According to the specifi.

The importance of dispensing valve, each used dispenser dispensing machine or production workers, should know the importance of dispensing valve, no dispensing valve can not complete the task of dispensing, dispensing valve dispensing machine is priority .