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What is the compound dispensing valve? Spring is able to move back and forth, can continue to carry out glue output, this is the double-action dispensing valve, with super continuous dispensing function, but also the effect of rapid back-suction, this is .

The voltage regulator belongs to electronic products, the use of a relatively wide range in some electronic devices, power plants, indoor distribution and other products are used in the production process of voltage transformer, which can be used to volta.

Everyone should know about the overheated melting point glue machine, which is a kind of dispensing machine. Next, I will briefly introduce one of the accessories of the overheated melting point glue, that is, the fiber spray gun. The fiber spray gun is a.

Circular spray valve can also be used as a dispensing valve, for high viscosity requirements, low viscosity glue can be used to achieve spray, medium viscosity can be used to dispense glue, can not use high viscosity glue, glue viscosity range is 1-5000CP.

Jet dispensing has been reflected in the spray machine, in fact as long as the automatic dispensing machine loading injection valve and spray head can achieve a large area of dispensing work, spraying in the industrial production more pract...

The performance of dispenser is directly related to the accessories used. No matter how dispensers are used, the quality of accessories is only what they use. The accessories used for precision automatic dispensing machine are the best parts made by dispe.

The dispensing controller is a necessary part of the automatic dispensing machine. As the air pressure adjusting device of the machine dispensing machine, it is to be able to control the air pressure, so as to adjust the delivery and delivery of glue. It .

Desktop automatic glue dispenser can be used in electronic parts, mobile phone keys, loudspeakers, toy production, LED, semiconductor manufacturing and other industries. General glue machine model is relatively small, easy to place, suitable for small...

How to carry out multi axis dispensing? In fact, it is necessary to use a matching dispensing syringe pendant, which can be used for four-axis dispensing needle cylinder hanger, which can be adjusted for various functions. One to five dispensing valves or.

Working principle: anaerobic glue dispensing valve is a dispensing valve made according to the requirements of 502 glue, anaerobic glue and screw glue. It is not made of core stainless steel material, but made of Teflon material. It uses diaphragm device .