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Provision of fine-tunable thimble type 2121 dispensing valve

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dispensing industry. It can use high, medium and low types of glue. It can adjust the amount of glue produced according to the needs of the industry. So it can dispensing for various products. There are many types of glue used. Let Xiaobian introduce the dispensing effect and performance of 2121 dispensing valve for you.
2121 dispensing valve
2121 Point Valve Parameters
顶针点胶阀 Model: 2121 Spot Valve Operating Pressure: 4~7kg/cm
Minimum glue output: 1mm weight: 209G
Suitable for Viscosity: 1-10000 Operating Frequency: 600 times/min
Feeding Pressure: <10kg Feeding Size: 1/8"npt(f)
Design of 2121 Point Valve
Above are the parameters of 2121 dispensing valves. This dispensing valve is made of stainless steel and aluminium alloy. The upper part of the valve is made of aluminium alloy. The lower part of the valve is made of stainless steel. The second cylinder mainly stores glue. The glue is weak acidic and corrosive. It is easy to be corroded by other materials. Considering this problem, we use stainless steel material to prevent glue. In line with the dispensing valve, the effect of dispensing medical equipment using the epoxy sealing strip coating machine will be better.
Ejector dispensing valve
Products Produced in Application Industry
The dispensing machine is mainly based on dispensing accessories, such as dispensing valves, dispensing controllers, constant control systems and circuit boards. These dispensing accessories are well used and the dispensing effect of medical equipment will be guaranteed. The use of 2121 dispensing valves is one of the steps. A variety of dispensing needles can be used. The dispensing accuracy is directly related to the dispensing needle, so it can be carried out. Diversified dispensing.
涂胶机 Customized glue coating machine according to industry requirements
Medical equipment dispensing is required for accuracy, and general equipment is difficult to dispensing. We design dispensing effect according to industry demand, such as 1.2mm effect, circular dispensing technology, etc. It is production according to product demand. One of the main reasons why epoxy sealant dispensing machine is chosen is that we do it for other customers. Yes, if you want to meet the medical equipment dispensing glue machine, you can contact us directly.
Glue spreading machine
We not only produce 2121 dispensing valves, but also various types of glue applicators. Epoxy sealing strip glue applicator is only one of them. We can make customized dispensing machines. Telephone service hotline: 13928403389.