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Direct supply and wholesale of 14~32G standard plastic steel

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The main dispensing accessories commonly used by dispensing needles in dispensing industry are dispensing consumables, while our mid-system is the manufacturer of dispensing needles, which can provide 14g~32g needles in large quantities. If you produce large quantities, we can also customize dispensing needles to meet your needs, which can promote the dispensing effect.
Can be applied to dispensing equipment
At present, dispensing machines need to use dispensing needles are automatic visual dispensing machine, three-axis dispensing machine, desktop dispensing machine, 441 dispensing machine, manual dispensing machine and so on. These types of machines need to use dispensing needles, only needle sizes are different, but the dispensing needles manufactured by our factory have complete specifications.
What g stands for
14g refers to the size of dispensing needle. The larger the number, the smaller the size of the needle. When choosing the dispensing needle, you need to know the size of the dispensing needle. If you don't know how to choose the needle, you can click on the "size of dispensing needle" and jump to another article to let you know how to choose the dispensing specifications of the product, which can be divided into automatic dispensing needle. Selection and manual dispensing needle selection.
塑料点胶针头 There are four types of dispensing needles produced
Automatic visual dispensing machine will also use dispensing needles, there are a large number of dispensing machines need to use, and we produce four kinds of dispensing needles, namely plastic steel dispensing needles, plastic dispensing needles, stainless steel dispensing needles, Teflon needles. Each kind of needle size is complete, you need how many we can provide for you, and a large amount of price can be very cheap, a plastic-steel dispensing needle price can be as low as 0.05 yuan a. The price is very low. If you have quantity for a long time, the price will be cheaper.
Our dispensing needle not only meets the production of visual dispensing machine, but also meets the requirements of various dispensing equipment and glue. It is a standard type of dispensing needle with complete rules. You are welcome to purchase it.