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Zz-ps-36 imported automatic spray valve single liquid spray

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Among imported dispensing valves, jet dispensing valve is a popular one, with high precision and fast dispensing function. The technology of spraying dispensing is particularly outstanding. Many manufacturers need to use single liquid spraying dispensing valve as dispensing accessories, such as some mahjong, jewelry, badges, car logos, etc., will use jet dispensing machine as spraying equipment.
Suitable for low viscosity spraying
单液喷射点胶阀 Because paint, alcohol and ink belong to some low-viscosity solvents, dispensing with dispensing valves may cause problems of penetration or spillover, while dispensing with single-liquid injection dispensing valves can spray a certain range, and just the glue can penetrate, which completes the dispensing of paint, and low-viscosity glue is more in line with the use of single-liquid injection dispensing valves. The sealability of this valve belongs to the country. The highest type of rubber valve at home and abroad can also be used with automatic dispensing machine.
Product Value Determines Product Price
Quality decides the value of a product. A good single-liquid spray dispensing valve will be more expensive in price. Generally, the price of the spray dispensing valve is between 20,000 and 40,000 years ago. The price of the domestic spray dispensing valve is between 50 and 10,000. Although the precision of the domestic spray dispensing valve is almost up to the standard of the import valve, its service life is not as high as that of the imported single-liquid spray dispensing valve. The value is that the automatic dispensing machine with this jet dispensing valve can improve the dispensing effect to four to five times. Generally, the price of jet positioning dispenser is between 60,000 and 100,000.
Price of jet dispenser
Jet positioning dispensing machine is desktop dispensing machine, the price is between 60,000 and 80,000, and the price of large-scale jet positioning dispensing machine will be higher, up to about 150,000, the price of high-end equipment is very expensive, but for dispensing production, this type of machine can increase the production speed of manufacturers by five to eight times, which is also unparalleled by manual, especially in the case of dispensing production. These high-precision dispensing requirements of the industry, which is very horrible, jet positioning dispensing machine can achieve 0.02mm product dispensing, manual is unable to meet the requirements. The high price of single liquid injection dispensing valve is also a reason.