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PLC controller for automatic dispensing machine

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When the automatic dispensing machine is used in the PLC control system, it needs to be matched with the PLC controller to control the dispensing equipment movement. Why the silver glue spraying machine can automatically dispensing has a great relationship with the operating system. Without the system machine, there is no way to operate the dispensing machine, so is any automatic dispensing machine.
Two Operating Systems for Dispensing Equipment
手持式控制器 At present, we have two sets of operating system, PLC control system and constant control operating system. Compared with constant control system, the PLC control system can realize complex dispensing process. It is better in operation details. It is necessary to use PLC controller to operate the PLC system. Generally, large silver dispensing machine is basic. They all use the PLC control system. Similar to the common automatic spraying machine, the constant dispensing system is used. The dispensing process is complex. This way can be used. The dispensing task can only be realized by matching the controller.
Replacement of dispensing system needs manufacturer to complete
The replacement of dispensing system is mainly to change the system details. A system can achieve many functions. In order to realize the dispensing performance of some function of LED silver dispensing equipment, the dispensing performance of irregular curve dispensing function of silver glue spraying machine can be fully brought into play through the replacement of dispensing system aiming at affecting the way of coating. Better, as long as the product production effect can be replaced, but the operation requires automatic dispensing machine manufacturers to achieve, PLC controller only a programming operation.
恒控系统 Plc system is used in silver glue spraying opportunity, basic LED silver glue spraying equipment are basically required, why, these belong to large-scale automatic dispensing machine, constant control system is difficult to control the movement of the machine, so the LED silver glue dispensing equipment will use PLC controller as a programmer, the next introduction of silver glue spraying machine.