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Pressure tank with controllable two-component AB compound

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AB dispenser is mainly used for filling two-component glue. The matching pressure tank can be used for long-term dispensing production. The volume of filling pressure tank is relatively large, which can store a large amount of glue. The application of sensor coating technology can continue production and provide product productivity.
Advantages of assembling filling pressure barrel
Pressure tank can store more glue, which can be used for dispensing glue of symmetrical sensor in automatic glue filling machine. As mentioned above, AB dispenser is suitable for dispensing of two-component glue, and two-component glue can be quickly cured when glue a and glue B mix with each other to avoid contact between two fluids. Two glue-filled pressure tanks will be assembled in a fully automatic glue dispensing machine, and will be equipped with suitable double-liquid dispensing valves and points. The rubber needle avoids the curing problem of AB glue in dispensing process, which will affect the production quality of weighing sensor.
胶水压力桶 It can be used in permanent glue production of symmetrical weight sensor
Fully automatic glue dispensing machine is an industrial dispensing equipment, which can be used in conjunction with large capacity glue filling pressure tank. Persistent glue production. But in the application of glue coating for weighing sensor, the sealing effect of glue filling pressure tank should be checked first. If the sealing pressure of the filling pressure tank is not good, the curing speed of glue in the filling pressure tank will be accelerated. The durable dispensing of the machine will also have some effects.
In fully automatic glue filling machine, glue filling pressure tank can be used for long-term stable glue coating work, but the pressure barrel needs to be tested before use to avoid the poor sealing property of cylinder and affect the normal operation of glue.