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Information on Choosing to Use Piston Pressure Barrel

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Piston pressure barrel is mainly used to transport high viscosity, fluidity of liquid materials.
There are three holes in the barrel cover, one ball valve (for deflation), one safety valve (when the pressure exceeds the safe range, it will automatically deflate to ensure safety), one pressure regulating valve (with air intake at the top and pressure gauge at the top); two quick joints are connected with the ball valve at the bottom, one is the exhaust port, the other is the trachea joint, and the trachea will direct the piston. Push up.
Assembly and use
压力桶 Close the two ball valves at the bottom, take out the piston and pour the glue into the barrel. When putting into the piston, keep a certain distance from the glue. Close the lid and close the top ball valve. Connect the material pipe to the quick discharge joint at the bottom (marked "8" above, usually the outer diameter of the material pipe is 8 mm, and the outer diameter of the trachea is 6 mm). Put the other part of the material pipe. A section is connected to the dispensing valve, the ball valve at the discharge position is opened, and then the glue can be conveyed by the piston pressure bucket by adjusting the pressure regulating valve at the top intake (the air pressure is large enough to convey glue normally).
When the glue is used up, close the ball valve at the discharge position, pull out the top pipe and insert it into the joint position of the bottom pipe (another pipe can also be arranged and inserted directly into the joint position), open the top ball valve (note: the lid is not opened at this time), open the channel of the connecting bottom force to establish the joint position of the pipe. The piston is pushed to the top to remove the pipe and open the lid. The piston is removed and loaded again.
In the process of pushing the piston, pay attention to the closure of the cover of the piston pressure barrel and ensure safety.