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The Function of CCD Vision System of Visual Auto-dispensing

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The application of CCD vision system in automatic dispensing machine is very common. Like other dispensing machines, CCD vision system can be used not only for desktop dispensing equipment, but also for cabinet dispensing machine. According to the specific needs of customers, the price of CCD vision system is slightly higher than that of other dispensers, which can not be blocked. Why is the application of CCD vision system in automatic dispensing machine still popular?
视觉www.668866.com Neutral system is an expert who specializes in fluid control. He has been focusing on automatic dispensing equipment for 10 years. He has strong R&D and production experience. Why is glue coating machine so popular in CCD vision system? Visual system is welcomed by users, which is closely related to the powerful functions of visual system.
The following are the characteristics and advantages of the cabinet visual glue coating machine.
1. The CCD vision system uses industrial high-definition camera and has a whole area vision recognition system.
2. Quantitative distribution of glue by high precision capacity glue supply system to ensure consistency of product glue quantity
3. Strong multi-function: There are many kinds of color-matching clocks and watches, color-matching industrial products, COB, integrated light source support, no need to customize professional fixtures, direct gluing.
4. Programming is simple, easy to learn, easy to understand, convenient and fast, and can be completed without professional and technical operation.
5. A machine has multiple dispensing functions, fast coloring and higher precision dispensing technology.
In summary, the CCD vision system is worth the money, the machine is highly intelligent, easy to use, and the multi-functional device can greatly reduce the cost of equipment. Therefore, the answer to the question why the CCD vision system is so popular in the colloidal machine configuration is obvious.