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Reasons for magic of pneumatic jet dispensing valve used in

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Recently, jet dispensing machine seems to be magic, customers have designated to jet visual dispensing machine, that is, with CCD vision system and jet valve, to form a high-precision, high-speed dispensing equipment. As the name implies, the main configuration of the medium-sized jet dispensing machine is the jet valve. The pneumatic jet dispensing valve is an imported jet valve that drifts across the sea. Visiting customers of the dispensing machine are very satisfied with the proofing test of the jet valve. When they return to visit later, customers have expressed that the control of glue is accurate, the dispensing is stable, and the speed is faster than any dispensing valve.
Why are medium-sized jet dispensers so popular? What kind of machine or accessories do you have that customers can't stop praising? The following are the characteristics of the jet valve:
气动喷射式点胶阀 视觉点胶机 1. The spray dispensing machine is based on the principle of pneumatic injection, with the non-contact high-speed dispensing as the main effect.
2. Jet valve is also based on pneumatic working principle, and the body can be replaced by modular design, piezoelectric combination, nozzle and other components according to demand.
3. Low, medium and high viscosity fluids (solder paste, hot melt glue, UV glue, etc.) spray valves are suitable for dispensing. They are more extensive than ordinary dispensing valves and have lower limitations. All kinds of machines can be used.
4. The minimum dosage of spray dispensing valve is 2nl, and the maximum frequency of dispensing is 280Hz. It really realizes the effect of micro-dispensing and high-speed dispensing.
5. Spray dispensing valve can carry CCD visual dispensing system. The dispensing accuracy is higher than 98%, depending on the customer's needs.
Medium-made non-contact spray dispensing machine, dispensing speed can effectively improve dispensing efficiency, precise dispensing reduces product defect rate, high degree of automation, saving production costs, labor costs... Set a variety of dispensing technology in one automatic dispensing machine, is not common dispensing machine, such dispensing machine and accessories are also available Unpopular.