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Air pressure control device of glue applicator double hole g

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Do you know the importance of the double hole dispensing controller? I don't know if you've heard of this equipment. It's the air pressure control device of our common glue applicator.
双气孔点胶控制器 Now many manufacturers use glue applicator, so if there is no double hole dispensing controller, what will happen? In the process of glue application, there will be a series of problems such as wire drawing and glue leakage, which can not be operated at all.
Although he is so important, he thinks that its structure is very complex. In fact, its structure is very simple, mainly the piston and syringe. When the controller uses air to generate a thrust, it will let the piston move forward, so that the machine begins to apply glue.
双气孔点胶控制器 Although most of them use the double hole dispensing controller now, it is not perfect and has some disadvantages. The disadvantage is that it can not control the flow rate of glue. If the person who operates the glue applicator is concerned with the principle of pneumatic device, it is likely that the accuracy will be reduced due to the error of manual operation and the glue application effect is not ideal.
The above is a brief introduction of the double hole dispensing controller, so do you understand it?