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High viscosity glue uses silica gel dispensing valve

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Now some manufacturers use viscosity glue, so what kind of dispensing valve does high viscosity glue need? It is recommended to use the silicone dispensing valve made in China.
Detailed parameters of silicone dispensing valve
硅胶点胶阀 This is a customized dispensing valve. It has to spit out 600 times / min. its applicable voltage is the common voltage we usually use.
Advantages of silicone dispensing valve
The advantages of this dispensing valve are no wire drawing and leakage, high corrosion resistance, high precision, high efficiency, simple operation, time saving, labor saving, high quality and low price.
Glue that can be used for silicone dispensing valve
This silicone dispensing valve can be used for dispensing glue with high viscosity, such as paraffin, rubber, paint, animal glue and other glue. Some glue may not be completely dissolved, and there are small particles of glue. This dispensing valve can also be used.
Do you know some characteristics of the silicone dispensing valve? Now many manufacturers are using the dispensing machine for dispensing operation. Are you also using the dispensing machine for dispensing operation? If you have any questions, please contact us.