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Non contact solder paste ceramic spray valve

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   In recent years, the dispensing method is changing from contact to non-contact. Some foreign companies have begun to study this and then launch their own products. Let's introduce ceramic spray valve to you.
  Ceramic spray valve has many advantages. Through the spray valve in its name, it is obvious that it is a non-contact dispensing valve. The advantages of non-contact dispensing valve include high precision, needless to say, its best speed can reach 700-800 times per second. It can also meet the needs of customers and use different accessories to complete the needs of customers It also has the function of automatic calibration, which enables the ceramic spray valve to have a high precision after changing the accessories.
  Ceramic spray valve is based on the effect of piezoelectric materials, so that the dispensing efficiency is improved a lot, and its structure is simple, it can carry out very small dispensing. Ceramic spray valve is a way to seal those tiny electrons. It can make point, line and surface (coating) dispensing very well, and can make the objects that need dispensing accurately. From the past to the present, the development of dispensing needle has been perfect, but the dispensing speed of this kind of needle is relatively slow, and the dispensing continuity is poor. Now the ceramic spray valve can solve this problem very well. It can well distribute the flow speed of the liquid to be dispensing, the dispensing frequency, and make the consistency of the dispensing point and the dispensing point very good Uniform.
  Ceramic spray valve can select accessories according to your needs, which can better achieve the dispensing effect you need.