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Plunger type dispensing valve with suction function

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  Plunger type dispensing valve is a kind of glue valve with high viscosity glue dispensing function. Some glue with poor fluidity can be dispensing. Due to the structure, it also has the function of suction back to prevent wire drawing. There are many functions and features. Let's see the plunger type dispensing valve for the dispensing function of the existing industry.

  Dispensing performance of dispensing valve in circuit board

  As one of the hot industries in our dispensing industry, the circuit board needs to be coated, dispensing or sealed. For example, when solder paste is applied to the circuit board, it is convenient to use the solder machine for batch soldering, so as to improve the production speed. The glue valve used for solder paste is the plunger type dispensing valve, which has a circular structure, smooth interior and cylindrical shaft core. It has a very strong glue output ability, clean glue return, and can prevent being electrified When the road board is glued, drawing occurs, which leads to over welding and poor circuit board.

  Function of plunger dispensing valve

  The plunger type dispensing valve can be used not only in the desktop type dispensing machine, but also in the floor type dispensing machine. There is no specific requirement in the application scope, and it can also be assembled for semi-automatic machine. It has a wide range of use, which is a affirmation of the performance of the plunger type dispensing valve. No matter in the circuit board dispensing, or in the LED lamp dispensing, it has good feedback. For some high viscosity The use of glue is smooth, such as silica gel, black glue and solder paste. The plunger type dispensing valve is outstanding in all aspects.
  Table top dispensing machine with plunger dispensing valve can complete the dispensing of circuit board. Whether it's solder paste or silica gel, the quality is satisfactory to the manufacturer. To avoid dispensing with syringe, which leads to insufficient quantity and needs to be replaced frequently, the effect is not good. The appearance of plunger dispensing valve solves this long-term problem. With table top dispensing machine, the cost is low and the production effect is good It has been greatly improved.
  Characteristics of plunger dispensing valve
  1. Strong suction
  2. Rubber break is clean
  3. Corrosion resistance
  4. Use high viscosity glue
  5. No wire drawing, no dripping