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Double liquid AB back suction dispensing valve

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The double liquid AB back suction dispensing valve has one more back suction function on the common glue valve, which can solve the problem of glue drawing and glue leakage. The static AB back suction dispensing valve can use 1:1 and 2:1 glue viscosity. It can be directly installed on the semi-automatic or full-automatic, which is convenient and cheap.
  At present, the manufacturer uses the glue filling valve, which basically has the function of suction back. It has a good effect on the glue with low viscosity. If there is no suction back function, a bunch of glue will be ejected at the end of dispensing, which will directly affect the gluing effect. If there is no suction back to ab dispensing valve, this problem will occur. If there is a suction back function and no suction back, the product price is not much different. It is better to choose AB dispensing valve with suction back function, This is of great help to the production, and the suction effect is of help to the dispensing effect. Now the production demand has a good coating.
  Actual drawing of AB dispensing valve
  AB dispensing valve, as an existing dispensing accessory capable of mixing two liquid glues, can achieve dispensing well, which is more uniform than the general manual mixing of glues, and does not allow the glue to solidify in advance. The glue needs to be in a specific container before it will solidify. After opening the glue, it needs to be used as soon as possible, otherwise, it will cause great trouble. If the existing production mode If it fails to meet the requirements, there will also be special problems in the production. The speed of manual production is slow and the coating effect is uneven, which directly affects the product effect. In order to solve these problems, the dispensing machine is produced.