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Glue applicator and accessories for silicone dispensing

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  There are mainly two ways of dispensing silica gel, manual and automatic. Because the production quantity of each manufacturer is different, the large and small quantity determine the demand for the machine, and the manufacturer can pay the cost, determine the production mode, and the characteristics of dispensing silica gel manually: the glue can be transported automatically, the coated silica gel is controlled manually, and the characteristics of dispensing silica gel automatically: the auxiliary placement of products, the machine can be automatic Dispensing. Share with you the machines and accessories of silicone dispensing.
  Because the fluidity of silica gel belongs to the middle and lower deviation, it needs a large pressure driving force to be able to carry out dispensing. In terms of accessories, it needs to follow the requirements. For example, use silica gel dispensing machine to dispense, control the air pressure at 7kg, select the large flow valve for dispensing valve, and try to select the maximum gauge for needle head within the proper range of dispensing! In order to achieve silicone dispensing, this is an automatic dispensing way to select accessories. The manual dispensing is relatively simple. The controller + dispensing sleeve (330 pieces of silica gel) or large flow dispensing valve + foot switch make the manual machine configuration successful.
  In the industry with high dispensing accuracy for general silica gel dispensing applications, the automatic silica gel dispensing machine is used to produce smoothly, stably and accurately. Because the automatic dispensing machine has a dispensing fine-tuning device, which can be used for dispensing positioning and precise alignment. The error range of each point following a point is not more than positive and negative 0.01mm, and each point and pattern can be drawn the same, which is the advantage of automatic machine, similar to mobile phone point Glue and electronic products, some high demand industries, are using automatic machines.
  The fine adjustment of dispensing has a great effect. Every time the glue is changed, it is easy to change the needle, which affects the dispensing accuracy. By using the fine adjustment of dispensing and aiming at a certain fixed point, the dispensing accuracy can be adjusted, and there is no need to re align the points, which is convenient and practical. This is one of the reasons why the silicone dispensing machine is a popular equipment. For the popularity of silica gel and product dispensing control are very in place, the production moment becomes convenient.
  Silica gel dispensing can be done manually or automatically. Depending on the manufacturer's demand for machines, choosing the right machine will help the production, reduce the production steps and production difficulties. Similar to dispensing on mobile phones, it is difficult to achieve the general manual control of dispensing, or rely on the technology of automatic glue applicator to control the amount of dispensing. The flow control of silica gel is smooth and does not affect the manufacturer's mobile phone dispensing Glue quality requirements.