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Do not choose dispensing needle, and do not dispensing

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The dispensing needle is very important, which is related to dispensing effect. If you do not choose the dispensing needle, you will not dispensing. The needle specification is one of the factors affecting dispensing accuracy. In fact, it is very simple to choose the dispensing needle. The first difference is whether the automatic dispensing machine or the semi-automatic dispensing machine. There is a big difference between the two dispensing needle choices.
Needle selection of semi-automatic dispensing machine
The semi-automatic dispensing machine generally uses the dispensing needle cylinder for dispensing, and the control of dispensing accuracy is based on the dispensing width of the product, the dispensing width of the product, and the size of the dispensing needle. Only when the specifications are the same, can the entire dispensing position be coated. The selection of the dispensing needle is to meet the dispensing width requirements, which is the needle selection method of the semi-automatic dispensing machine.
点胶针头 Needle selection of automatic dispensing machine
First, the dispensing width needs to be measured. Then, according to the type of dispensing valve, some of them are large flow and some of them are small flow. They are different. We need to separate them. Then, we can choose the dispensing needle according to one third of the dispensing width. If there is leakage of glue, we need to replace a large one. If the dispensing amount is large, we can adjust the air pressure or fine adjustment device. This is Automatic dispensing machine dispensing needle selection mode.
The selection of dispensing needle is based on the type of machine, accessories and other requirements, so as to select the appropriate dispensing needle. The needle is not selected correctly, and do not think how good dispensing can be.