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Automatic stainless steel piston pressure barrel

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  Piston pressure barrel is a common accessory in dispensing industry. It is suitable for high viscosity glue. Because there is a piston, it can provide more pressure, and it can transfer high viscosity glue from the inside of the pressure barrel to the dispensing valve. Different types of pressure barrel will have different effects. It is the most appropriate method to select the appropriate machine and accessories according to the actual production situation.
活塞压力桶   Characteristics of piston pressure barrel
  1. High viscosity glue can be stored, and the bottom glue discharging method is generally used.
  2. There are two types of pistons, internal and external.
  3. The piston pressure barrel is made of stainless steel, and the inner barrel has grinding effect.
  4. The built-in piston has aluminum products and nylon materials, which is easy to clean and does not stick to glue.
  5. Large extrusion flow, no air pressure in inner barrel, relatively stable production.
不锈钢活塞压力桶   There are many ways to store glue. In addition to using the piston pressure barrel, there are also ways to use the syringe. Some expensive glue often uses the syringe to store. For example, Uvglue, which needs hundreds of pieces of glue, is relatively expensive. The industry it applies to is generally high-precision industry, such as Bluetooth headset dispensing, PCB dispensing, and the syringe dispensing machine when using Uvglue , it has little effect with piston pressure barrel.
  Syringe dispensing machine is a kind of equipment for storing glue without pressure barrel. It uses syringe to store a small amount of glue. Generally speaking, technology is applied to dispensing small products. Some products are large and some are small. Earphone is one of them. The amount used every day is very small. Because of the use of Uvglue, the use of syringe dispensing machine is just the right use requirement, which is the final one Choice.
压力桶   Different storage methods of glue will not affect the dispensing effect, and our company will introduce suitable machines to you according to the actual situation, so that your company has suitable production automation machines, and the production is more convenient. This is the reason why our company produces various machines. Each manufacturer's production requirements are different, and there will certainly be different effects.