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Working principle and function of barrel heating device

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  Barrel heating device refers to the automatic heating of pressure barrel. Some glues can be filled only after being heated, such as hot melt glue and red glue, and some glues have high viscosity. After heating, the fluidity of glue can be improved and the filling speed can be accelerated, so as to solve the problem of viscosity consistency of glue and poor filling effect.
  Working principle of barrel heating device: place an inner barrel in the pressure barrel, connect the constant temperature box and circuit, use the resistance to heat, only contact the inner barrel of the pressure barrel, the heating is very fast, and it is very easy to operate, and it can also keep the temperature constant, so that the glue can keep this temperature, and keep the filling vitality.

  Function of automatic heating pressure barrel

  1. Improve the fluidity of glue.
  2. Make the glue meet the requirements of the industry.
  3. Heating also eliminates glue bubbles.
  The barrel heating device is the same as the automatic cleaning device, which belongs to the type of installation. If the manufacturer needs to install the automatic glue filling machine, it needs to be agreed in advance. Otherwise, the standard is that there is no automatic heating pressure barrel, which is basically conventional stainless steel pressure barrel. The situation of each manufacturer is different, so it is impossible to directly add the accessories, so as to avoid the manufacturer's waste of cost. Some manufacturers need to add them Use.
  Communication product glue filling is a hot application industry of our company's full-automatic glue filling machine. Many glue filling problems can be solved by our company. There are several glue filling equipment. In order to solve the glue filling task of communication products, we have produced 5 models in total, two large-scale floor machines, two desktop models and one manual model, which really meet the requirements of various manufacturers. From glue to products, our team has worked out step by step.
  The automatic heating pressure barrel is composed of two parts: the inner barrel and the outer barrel. The inner barrel is used for heating and the outer barrel is used for sealing. The constant temperature device is connected to the outside, so as to realize the task of heating and dispensing. Our company has been dispensing and dispensing glue for many years. The standard and non-standard technology manufacturers have corresponding production technology. The dispensing glue of communication products is only one of them, and Many industries can use it.