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Stainless steel automatic heating pressure barrel

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  Automatic heating pressure barrel is a kind of pressure barrel with characteristics, which can be heated automatically. According to some glue requirements, our company adds a barrel heating device in the inner barrel of the pressure barrel, which can use a constant temperature controller to control the temperature of the inner barrel, so as to achieve the glue heating effect. However, the automatic heating pressure barrel must use stainless steel, which has good heat conduction effect.
  Automatic heating pressure barrel combination: stainless steel inner barrel, temperature controller, pressure barrel outer barrel
  The automatic glue filling machine is often used to automatically heat the pressure barrel. In fact, it is also aimed at the type of glue. Some glues need to be heated and have high viscosity. Without heating, there is no way to spot glue. There are also some glues with high viscosity, which are difficult to be transported alone. They will use heating to improve the fluidity and ensure the glue activity, so as to realize the product Filling glue, the heating device of the barrel still has a certain effect!
  Some industries also use automatic heating pressure barrel for glue filling of communication products. With heating device, when the glue is heated to 30 ~ 40 ° and the activity can be kept in the best state. At this temperature, the viscosity of glue will be reduced and the fluidity will be improved. To solve the problem of using low proportion and high viscosity glue, it is not necessary to install more expensive glue filling accessories. The cost of barrel heating device is relatively low Cost, rather than install automatic cleaning device, relatively more cost-effective.
  The automatic heating pressure barrel can promote the use of appropriate products. On the contrary, it hinders the use of the automatic heating pressure barrel, because the cleaning of the barrel heating device is more troublesome. It is easy to have leakage problems when contacting with water. Many of them are two-component glues or non solidified single component glues. However, the automatic heating pressure barrel can only be used after heating according to the requirements of glue characteristics, which is good for production It's the biggest.
  Automatic cleaning is generally used for full-automatic glue filling machine, because there is no need to clean the pressure barrel alone, and the two-component glue needs to be mixed before it solidifies. As long as the pipeline is cleaned, the automatic cleaning device is generally used in the two-liquid glue filling machine, and the single component glue is mainly cleaned manually. If the automatic heating pressure barrel is used, the internal glue can be heated and flow to The bottom is cleaned again, so that the cleaning is more convenient.
  If you need automatic heating of pressure barrel or glue filling of communication products, you can contact us to customize and produce suitable machines and equipment for your company, and independently design a suitable equipment according to your product requirements.