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Stainless steel pressure barrel with visible liquid level di

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  The liquid level display pressure barrel has visual function, which can be seen from the outside that the use of glue is clear. Generally, the glue used in the glue filling industry is relatively large, and glue needs to be added halfway. If there is no visual function, when to add glue is unknown, we need to rely on experience to guess. It has some influence on glue filling. Of course, we can also choose a pressure barrel with appropriate liter, which is suitable for two-component Some, after all, two-component glue will not solidify, and single component is different.
  The pressure barrel used by the adult product dispenser, i.e. the liquid level display pressure barrel, is often added with glue due to the huge amount of glue used every day. There is no visual function and there will be a delay for the adult product to inject glue. The pressure barrel with appropriate liter can be used to occupy a public place, which can meet the demand of production liter in the morning, so as to avoid halfway adding glue and affecting the cost product filling Glue, in fact, is usually used to display the funnel pressure barrel to the liquid level. It can still fill glue without stopping the glue filling machine for adult products, which is the advantage brought by mature technology.
  The installation of pressure barrel is a common thing. According to the needs of the industry, funnel, liquid level display, bottom rubber discharging or air cylinder can be installed. The quantitative control requirements are relatively high, and the quality of each manufacturer must be the same to ensure the same quality of rubber pouring. The function of our company's production cost supplies rubber pouring machine or visual dispenser is to meet the requirements of product rubber pouring and pressure The same is true for the installation of power bucket.
  The quantitative control refers to the consistency of the glue output of the filling machine for adult products each time, without glue leakage, drawing and other situations. These problems affecting the product quality cannot occur, which is the significance of using the machine. The visual dispensing machine adopts the machine developed by German technology and our company's technical cooperation, which can be used as the visual positioning function and has high-precision dispensing. The quantitative control effect is very good. The liquid The bit indicates that the pressure bucket is only one type of pressure bucket, which is also for better control of glue flow.