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Imported precise high viscosity screw dispensing valve

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  Screw dispensing valve acts as a high-precision dispensing valve developed by German manufacturers. Many manufacturers in China are also studying it. However, it is quite different from the imported screw dispensing valve in terms of precision and service life. The service life can meet the demand of time, but the precision is slightly different. Our company has cooperation with German manufacturers, and the manufacturers provide a large number of precision dispensing valves. As a domestic agent, Huan Welcome to consult the manufacturer!
  What is screw? You may have doubts about the terms. You don't understand the role of screw. This is the core of screw dispensing valve. On a simple level, install your servo motor and screw rod in the dispensing valve. Use the motor to drive the screw and then drive the gear to realize the delivery and suction of glue. The core lies in the motor and screw and gear. Why the price is so high? These are high-tech products Technology, parts production is very difficult, screw dispensing valve is the current type of dispensing valve, the price should be the highest.
  The screw dispensing valve is equipped with a special dispensing controller, the core of which is the adjustment of data parameters. The screw refers to the high-precision motor control shaft, with an accuracy of 0.01mm and a glue delivery of 0.01g. The precision is very high, and the control is relatively simple. The motor distinguishes the screw, drives the gear wheel, transports the glue from the needle barrel, and then dispensing, and has a suction effect to avoid glue leakage Glue and wire drawing.
  High viscosity glue and low viscosity glue can be used. The difference between glue lies in two-component and single component. The use requirements are very low. Due to the high price, screw dispensing valve is generally used for high-precision industries, such as: solder paste on mobile circuit board, screw dispensing valve can be used, the precision can be adjusted from 0.01mm to 1mm, and each straight line can be controlled in a reasonable position, so as not to cause dispensing problems. Control The system is in place and can continuously control the dispensing effect.
  Solder paste dispensing machine with screw dispensing valve can use solder paste dispensing very high, because screw dispensing valve does not have high requirements for glue viscosity, any type of glue can be used, high viscosity or low viscosity glue can be used, no glue restrictions, high accuracy and convenience, which are the characteristics of screw dispensing valve, and the other is high price, if your company has this accuracy requirements, Optional! Dispensing valve for sale can find our company, there are a large number of spot.
  The sales of dispensing valve depends on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers are agents. Our company is also the agent of screw dispensing valve. At present, there are also manufacturers of screw valve in China, but the quality is not as good as that of foreign countries. It's a fact that many manufacturers are so passive because they meet the technical requirements of production according to their structure. Many people choose foreign manufacturers because of the good quality of their products. If they are domestic, they will be so passive Technology to meet the requirements, why buy foreign dispensing valve.