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330cc silicone sleeve

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  Silica gel sleeve is a designated type of dispensing accessory. There is a kind of supporting silica gel with a capacity of 330ml. It can be extruded by hand alone, which is time-consuming and laborious. It will also cause glue waste. Our company produces a 330cc silica gel sleeve, which can just store this supporting glue, connect the air pressure, extrude the glue, use small tools, solve the big trouble, and realize full-automatic dispensing as a whole, without manual introduction In.
  The glue used for gluing on the main board of the frequency converter is 330ml of heat-conducting silica gel. Gluing on the main board can improve the heat dissipation performance. The glue dispensing system needed is the glue dispensing valve matched with silica gel sleeve. The sleeve is used to place the glue, and the glue dispensing valve is used to control the glue flow. The combination of the two can meet the demand of 0.1mm precision. Gluing on the main board of the frequency converter and the glue dispensing on the thyristor module have good effect Fruit.
  The application range of thermal conductive silica gel is very wide, mainly used in the electronic industry. Electronic products are easy to heat up, especially the type of chip. The heat causes the chip to run slowly, which is not conducive to the long-term use of electronic products. The application of thermal conductive silica gel is also widely used. It can be matched with the dispensing machine produced by our company, with obvious effect, stable quality, stable demand for product trajectory, glue quantity control and stable effect It can be produced according to the dispensing requirements of the thyristor module. It is convenient to use, with good effect and easy to change the glue.
  Located in Shima village, Tangxia, Dongguan, our company has more than ten manufacturers, all of which use 330ml silica gel to support and install silica gel. It needs to be matched with silica gel sleeve, and then matched with dispensing valve. The functional effect is stable, which will be more obvious. According to the product demand, can the customized dispensing machine not have obvious effect?
  Dispensing system: silicone sleeve + dispensing valve. Principle: the silica gel sleeve can store 300ml silica gel directly, install the adapter at the glue outlet, and then connect the hose to the silica gel dispensing valve. Working mode: connect the silica gel sleeve with the air pressure, extrude the glue, transfer the glue to the dispensing valve through the adapter, and then use the dispensing valve to control the glue flow, so as to meet the dispensing requirements of the product.
  The stone horse dispenser is basically delivered by our company. There are many things we can do around Tangxia, such as after-sales service, product delivery, product stability and one-stop service. Our company has the corresponding core technology, which can solve the dispensing problem. According to the current demand, we can directly produce reasonable machines for your company. In the stone horse dispenser, our company will deliver every year There are still many industries that need glue to deliver hundreds of sets. For example, the frequency converter motherboard is coated with glue or the thyristor module is dispensing.