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Anaerobic dispensing valve

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  Working principle: anaerobic glue dispensing valve is a dispensing valve made according to the requirements of 502 glue, anaerobic glue and screw glue. It is not made of core stainless steel material, but made of Teflon material. It uses diaphragm device to push device glue to realize dispensing. Anaerobic glue dispensing valve is a special type of glue valve, which is specially used for quick drying type glue and other types Glue is not suitable for use.

  Parameters of anaerobic dispensing valve

  Dispensing valve type: diaphragm type
  Dispensing valve model: zz-yy-56
  Material: rubber cylinder: Teflon material cylinder: aluminum alloy material
  Operating viscosity: 1 ~ 30000 CPS
  Fine adjustment device: Yes
  Minimum glue output: 0.01mm
  Inlet size: 1 / 8 "NPT (f)
  Product size: 87 * θ 28mm
  Feeding pressure: 5kg
  Usage: anaerobic dispensing machine
  Inner diameter of rubber outlet: 3mm
  Operating speed: < 600 / min
  Applicable glue: anaerobic glue, quick dry glue, screw glue, instant dry glue
  Style name: screw glue dispensing valve, quick drying glue dispensing valve.

  Use together

  Anaerobic dispensing valve + automatic dispensing machine + dispensing controller + stainless steel pressure barrel constitute a dispensing machine, so as to work on the dispensing production line.


  1. Select anticorrosive materials as main materials
  2. Simple and convenient screw connection
  3. There is an accurate fine adjustment device.
  4. It can be used with various dispensing machines to meet the dispensing requirements of various products.
  Manufacturer's case
  It is applied to the gluing of the CD box. On the edge of the CD box, it is not necessary to stick the edge strip, but it is necessary to apply the quick drying adhesive on the top, and then stick the strip.