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3131 back suction type gluing valve

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  It is a large flow valve, which can meet the requirements of medium and high viscosity glue application. It can solve the problems of poor glue fluidity and poor flow control. Its internal structure is different from the general dispensing valve, and it has the effect of back absorption and glue control. If your company has used high viscosity glue, it is recommended to use the back absorption glue valve. The effect is really good.
  Do you know about the glue in the range of yellow glue? The viscosity of the glue is too high. If you want to meet the glue application requirements, you must know the glue characteristics and solidification speed. According to the actual test of our company, we can use the suction type glue valve for the glue application. The glue flow is even and the flow rate is stable. It is very convenient for dispensing. Our company has authority in this respect Speaking, because this is the effect obtained from the experiment, the 3131 back suction type glue valve is used to meet the glue coating requirements. Ten valves have been tested in total, which are superior to other products in both glue coating effect and flow control.
  Our company also sells the suction type glue valve in Alibaba. The price is cheap, only 280 yuan / piece. The relative cost is also very low. The service life of the glue valve is long, and one can be used for at least three months (warranty period). If the manufacturer maintains it after use, one year is not a problem. Our longest service life of the glue valve is ten years, and the maintenance of the suction type glue valve is very simple, everyday After the glue is applied, it is sealed. If it is not needed for a long time, it is necessary to pour out all the glue, and then clean it with alcohol. If it is used frequently, it is not necessary to clean it.
  Application of suction type glue valve
  The suction type glue valve can be used in the application of aluminum-plastic board and textile glue with multi axis glue applicator. If the application of universal glue is suitable, our machines can meet the requirements. Because there are automatic and manual, it is better to use machine to control glue than manual. The machine is based on the needs of the scene. If it has to be divided into one, the textile glue applicator is more suitable for manual use, and the aluminum-plastic board glue applicator is suitable for automatic use. In fact, it is also It needs to be combined with the manufacturer's production structure requirements, assembly line production and automatic effect.