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Round fixed fixture

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  The fixture is often used in the market of gluing equipment. At present, the automatic gluing machine that does not need fixture is only the visual gluing equipment, which can automatically identify the product gluing position and solve the gluing accuracy, can not use the fixture. Other types of machines need to use the fixture, for example, the platform type gluing machine can use the round fixture in the telescopic belt gluing With a good fixing effect, make the machine accurately aim at the dispensing position.
  Expansion belt gluing: This is a round expansion belt. In order to glue on the surface, it needs to be fixed, and then the glue can be applied accurately by rotating. In order to meet the requirements of the expansion belt gluing, our company has manufactured a round fixture, fixed the expansion belt on the round fixture, and then used the platform type gluing machine to glue, so as to avoid it Moving, resulting in uneven gluing effect, directly leading to poor product is not necessary.
  As one of the many fixtures, our company can produce according to the products. Of course, these fixtures are relatively simple. They are only used to fix the products and prevent them from shifting, resulting in serious gluing accidents. The fixture is a very important step. Why do you need to send samples from the factory? It is mainly for manufacturing the fixture and testing the gluing effect. If you only give one extension It's hard to make a machine. It's a common hard product. It's easy to make. It has a fixed size. The technology of surface gluing is relatively simple. If we match the platform type gluing machine, we can easily draw the glue circuit with the handle controller.
  Applied in different industries, there will be different dispensing modes and different machine types. Although they all have the same name, there will be many differences in details. Surface gluing technology is only one of them. Cable, circle, arc, curve and irregular line segments can be completed. This is the charm of platform type gluing machine.