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Four axis dispensing syringe Pendant

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  How to carry out multi axis dispensing? In fact, it is necessary to use a matching dispensing syringe pendant, which can be used for four-axis dispensing needle cylinder hanger, which can be adjusted for various functions. One to five dispensing valves or syringes can be placed on the pendant. In this way, multi axis dispensing can be carried out, and the effect will be better. According to the core requirements, it can be manufactured according to the specifications! Because not every manufacturer needs more than one dispensing device, actual production, practical application.
  The four axis dispensing syringe pendant is also manufactured by three-dimensional technology, which can be adjusted up and down, left and right, and can be adjusted according to the specific needs. There are good solutions. Why use the three-dimensional method to make it? Because it is convenient to adjust the dispensing parameters, sometimes the setting path effect is not very good, you need to make a fine adjustment to adjust the dispensing position, which is more convenient for dispensing. The three-dimensional fixture is more convenient in precision adjustment and can be very suitable for the current dispensing industry.
  Our company also has application in sponge coating manufacturers! Sponges generally need to be coated. There are many linear ways and types. If the product has deviation, you can fine tune the four axis dispensing needle cylinder hanger. The accuracy is very high. Our company also applies four axis dispensing needle cylinder hanger in screw gluing machine. The multi axis dispensing effect will be faster than the general single axis dispensing speed, but the requirements will be more strict 。
  The four axis dispensing needle cylinder hanger is made of aluminum alloy, all aluminum alloy, with guide rail on the bracket, which improves the accuracy and the moving effect of the guide rail is great. There are also three-dimensional pendant, which can place the needle cylinder or dispensing valve, which can be replaced. The relative use effect will be relatively simple. There is also a fine-tuning effect on the fixture. The adjustment effect is really great, which effectively solves the fine-tuning effect of the thread gluing machine If so, it can accurately glue the product, improve the convenience, and improve the effect. Adjust the effect according to the core.