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Towel Intelligent Five-Axis Rubber Coater

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  In life, many products are used to coat machine, and towel is one of them, which will be coated with a layer of glue, and also with hot melt glue. In life, it will also be produced. Of course, the manufacturer will purchase the coater only. Recently, our company has produced a smart coater that meets the requirements of towel gluing. The convenience of use has been greatly improved!Uniform, efficient and stable.
  Machine is targeted production, from the manufacturer's requirements to re-machine, all discussed and verified before starting production. At present, that manufacturer is very satisfied with our machine, which can solve the speed of five employees, the effect has been significantly improved. Five-axis gluer is on the X-axis, which increases one axis, and the flexibility of the gluer is also turned into a five-axis gluer.
  Glue coating mainly lies in control of glue and speed, speed, guaranteed production quality and profit from manufacturers. Why are many manufacturers using automatic machines now? Underwear is certainly good result. Now underwear is sprayed in a way that seamless underwear is sprayed with the glue sprayer produced by our company to achieve spot glue, using glue as hot melt can improve the use effect, while glue forThere is no harm to the skin, so it is important to choose a machine to achieve better results accordingly.
  If you use glue, you might as well let us try it!See if you can meet your requirements and talk about other things!The machine can do free proofing, on-site testing, if the results are satisfactory, then design and production, the origin of the towel five-axis glue coater, this is the case.