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High flow silicone point valve ZZ-50D

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  High flow silicone gel dispensing valve is a valve which can be used with automatic dispensing machine to use high viscous glue, and has a large flow rate. Its overall structure changes, and has the effect of large flow rate gelling. It can effectively improve the solution of high viscous glue. For example, using silicone gel in automatic dispensing machine, the viscosity of silicone gel is usually between 8000 and 10000 CPS, the flow rate of gel from general point valve is small, and the demand for large flow rate is high.The product can be matched with this large flow silicone spot valve.
1. Characteristics of high flow silicone point valves
1. It is equipped with high-viscosity glue with a large diameter of the outlet, which better meets the glue filling requirements of large-flow products.
2. Large size of internal structure to store large flow of glue and increase internal pressure.
3. The structure is all made of aluminium alloy with smooth interior.
4. With a separate cylinder, the cylinder can increase the pressure.
2. Parameters of high flow silicone point valve with back suction
Brand Medium Automatic Equipment Model ZZ-50D
Operating Pressure 4-7kg/cm Minimum Ejection 0.1mm
Suitable for Viscosity 1~23000CPS Main Material Aluminum Alloy Material
Weight 422g Operating frequency <600min
Feed Pressure <10kg Feed Size 1/4"NPT(f)
Valve size 192*42 M5 screw outlet size 5.4mm
3. Advantage of large flow dispensing valve
High precision, fast reaction, medium and high viscosity glue can be used, strong durability, uniform coating, high suction power.
As the main type of glue, the high flow backsuction silicone point valve has mature technology, excellent sealing ring, long service life, no rubber spill or leakage problems. It has a large backsuction device, which can solve the brutal effect of high viscosity glue breaking speed.