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Double position CCD vision automatic dispensing machine

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Visual automatic dispensing machine is a high-precision dispensing equipment, which has the functions of visual recognition dispensing, high operation precision, product detection, track fixed point and so on.
  Features of visual dispensing machine
  1. The installation of visual recognition device can automatically identify the dispensing position of the product, which is quite different from the traditional fixture and manual placement.
  2. With spray dispensing valve, the speed of spraying products is greatly improved, especially for micro dispensing, the precision can reach 0.01mm, and the speed can reach 40K / h (DOT).
  3. With sensor height measurement technology, the point can be made without touching the product to avoid uneven panel and pin loading.
  4. Automatic identification of product excellence, to avoid point to bad products, resulting in the whole product into bad.
  5. Super large working platform, no need to put products, it is very easy to use.
  technical parameter
  model ZZ-SJD14185
Maximum operating speed: 300mm/s Motion accuracy ± 0.02mm
Number of dispensing valves Standard 2 pieces (6 pieces can be installed) Dispensing stroke 840(mm)*320(mm)*100(mm)
valve Injection valve or dispensing valve Point positioning 10 megapixel camera (2 sets)
Scope of application Silica gel, red glue, UV glue, resin glue, lubricating oil, solder paste Software Win7 Chinese system
Glue supply mode Dispensing syringe or pressure barrel Programming Direct camera recognition
Dispensing efficiency 75000dhp (Management) Dispensing accuracy 0.1mm
light source LED light source Power supply 220v
Dimensions 1400mm*1100mm*1850mm Working pressure 4-8kg/cm3
Shortage alarm yes Pressure barrel 5 L and 10 L stainless steel pressure drums (one each)
control PC + sports card There are quite a lot of glue applications. There are not too strict requirements for high and low viscosity. It can be used basically, but the two-component glue is poor. At present, the visual dispensing machine is still dominated by single liquid glue. The use of double liquid glue may not keep up with the dispensing speed. The super fast speed is the main factor leading to uneven mixing. It is recommended to use single component glue.
Super large working platform, the plane uses granite as the platform surface, smooth and flat, in the 800mm stroke randomly placed products, the machine can identify, according to the actual production requirements of the manufacturer, randomly adjust the dispensing track, do not need to put the designated position, the effect is very good!