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Which parts will be better used by the spray type glue dispe

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The spray is also called non-contact dispensing, this special glue method has more advantages than the traditional work contact dispensing, coating area of the non-contact dispensing more higher precision, dispensing work can be applied to various high precision requirements, improve the production quality of the workpiece, jet dispensing machine needs equipped with some special working parts in order to improve the performance and effectiveness.
Jet dispensing machine is equipped with a high precision injection valve is designed to perform large spray work, high precision injection valve will glue after treatment in atomized form out, covering an area of more comprehensive dispensing efficiency is higher, suitable for a variety of fluid glue viscosity, liquid epoxy resin adhesive, conductive paste, silver paste and so on the different nature of the all applicable, will not affect the dispensing accuracy of normal, has the function of automatic calibration, the replacement parts will not affect the accuracy of the spray valve work, provide a more efficient and practical way for industrial filling.
The hot melt glue tube can be applied to the needs of the specially equipped storage, so jet dispensing machine accessories should also have metal needles as storage of hot melt easily, hot melt adhesive in most manufacturing applications to production, through the jet dispensing function improvement of hot melt adhesive coating and coating effect area. When the hot-melt adhesive temperature reaches 160 degrees, it will start to melt, and the high temperature glue is not suitable for ordinary plastic cylinder storage, so the installation of metal syringe is very necessary.
The high precision jet dispensing machine has specific requirements for all kinds of work parts, and requires high-precision injection valve to execute high-precision dispensing. It effectively meets the specific requirements of different production tasks, and has wide application range and higher dispensing efficiency.