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Components of an online spray multi axis glue dispenser

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Online multi axis jet dispensing machine as a new dispensing equipment, must have many different parts, these parts are the most important parts for the dispensing machine, no matter which Taiwan dispensing machine is the same, is an indispensable part, composed of jet dispensing machine than dispensing confidential more generally, multi jet axis dispensing machine application industry more extensive scope, the precision has been leading contact dispensing machine.
Jet dispensing machine the main component is the injection valve, the parts manufacturing process is relatively complex, to go through many procedures to be able to do is complete, anodized, cannot let the glue glue dispensing valve corrosion, which will not be affected by these points, the glue machine part.
The dispensing machine has two kinds of systems that can be used by a hand-held controller to control the dispensing, the other is a single-chip microcomputer to control the dispensing, second kinds of control more trouble, but to control the injection operation of multi axis dispenser is relatively stable, the market is still relatively biased in the microcomputer control mode.
The main jet general dispensing machine is composed of five parts, mechanical arm, control system, dispensing system, injection valve control system, glue conveying device, automatic cleaning device and so on, these are the important part, can realize the function of what kind of glue, have a great relationship with these components, sometimes select the dispenser is chosen according to the composition of dispensing equipment.
At present, the online spray multi axle dispensing machine produced by our country is also better, which can meet the needs of market development. Many enterprises don't know the function of the dispensing machine, so few people use jet dispensing machine now.