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How to choose the spray nozzle of the spray type dispenser

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With the high speed jet dispensing machine popularization, more and more industries started to use the traditional contact dispensing equipment more than excellent equipment, but because of this kind of equipment was not long, only a few people have a certain understanding of the dispensing equipment, such as high speed jet dispensing machine selection, and dispensing nozzle jet dispensing machine on which many people are not very understanding, following by the system to give you introduce it?
There are many on the market types of dispensing nozzle dispensing, if not very understanding, it is unable to start. Look for a needle in the ocean, in the company will be dispensing nozzle is divided into three categories: single nozzle, double point group and non - standard rubber nozzle nozzle three, from this category derived from other of different types.
Ordinary type can be divided into three types: nozzle controller dispenser nozzle and desktop dispensing and semi automatic dispensing nozzle: automatic type and can be divided into four types: floor type double liquid dispensing nozzle, spray type automatic dispensing nozzle, conductive adhesive automatic dispensing machine nozzle, fluorescent powder jet dispensing machine the other four kinds of nozzles; it can be divided into two kinds of non-standard, Y axis, UV nozzle and many other types.
From the above we can see that although the dispensing nozzle dispensing types on the market range, but if it is a preliminary understanding, choose suitable for nozzle automatically using not difficult. As the nozzle selection jet dispensing machine, you can start from the spray nozzle of the automatic dispensing machine categories to start, and then according to their own the specifications need to select the appropriate nozzle size they use it.