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How to choose the valves of different types of spray type d

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An online jet dispensing machine according to the different environment of dispensing, dispensing valves also have different types, in order to in different industries and different environment models need to choose dispensing, dispensing machine, how to jet dispensing valve does not meet thedispensing you need to replace the dispensing valve industry, other industries are the same, no matter which.
In fact, method selection valve jet dispensing machine has three kinds, the first kind is selected based on the flow of second kinds of glue glue, according to the choice of third according to the machinery industry can choose, these are able to select the appropriate injection valve, the good method with which way to choose, choose the appropriate dispensing machine can be improved the effect of dispensing.
The glue dispensing valve flow, this is a frequently used method, because some industries need to use large flow dispensing, so they need to use the dispensing valve is relatively large, in order to improve the speed of production, as long as they can meet the requirements of customers, the basic need for modification, or products can not reach the expected the requirements of many product quality requirements are not appropriate because of the use of accessories, there is such a situation before operation.
Each of these methods are required to try to know what type of valve is the most suitable for you, as long as the reference, to try to choose the most suitable valves in jet dispensing machine choice is the same, the method is the same, need to how to treat the dispensing valve with dispensing machine have a relatively large relationship, a relationship with the use of the industry, has a relationship with the use of glue, not because of some things and be confused =.