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What the general use of control system of spraying work

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Dispensing technology is an important technology in manufacturing industry is essential, through the dispensing can effectively improve the quality and value of semi-finished products, whether it is used in bonding or packaging work has to be applied to the dispensing equipment, jet dispensing machine belongs to a high performance dispensing equipment, through non-contact dispensing can help the user to complete the dispensing work most the effect of coating becomes more comprehensive, and that there would be no glue drawing and other bad problems, mainly rely on its unique control system to complete the glue spraying work.
High precision jet dispensing machine adopts the DSP advanced digital signal processing technology, can effectively improve the working efficiency of the jet dispensing machine, work faster and more efficient operation, and through the PC end is connected with different demand of the programming work, support the use of spray path design of PLC, but also support direct import of CAD engineering drawing work. Have a direct teaching function, can quickly perform various irregular spraying work path, but also through the manual teaching work for the parameter adjustment, flexible mode of operation can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of spraying work.
The jet dispensing machine has a very high anti-interference ability, which can avoid the electromagnetic interference of the outside to affect the normal working quality, and has a more practical effect in precision production.
The use of Dsp in the dispensing work is very wide, can be applied to irregular seam glue filling work, ensure the filling quality and practicability, high precision spraying quality greatly enhance the jet dispensing machine, can be equipped with a complete support high-speed spray work in jet dispensing machine assembly line work, to help users achieve the dispensing work more efficient and comprehensive.