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Do accessories need daily maintenance work?

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Jet dispensing machine accessories can help jet dispensing machine complete dispensing work of higher quality, the quality of a large area of glue coating is closely linked with jet dispensing machine parts quality, injection valve and pressure barrel accessories and other related work can provide good working conditions of spray dispenser, dispensing work to complete the more diversified. Daily maintenance of related accessories is very important, in the normal work after dispensing with related accessories for maintenance and maintenance work.
The spray jet valve is the essential accessories dispensing machine, glue after processing a spray, enhance the jet dispensing work quality and work efficiency, there may be a long time after the use of glue adhesive on the wall, if not timely solve easily cause spray work is not smooth, careful not to scratch the injection valve the surface to be cleaned, the use of special cleaning fluid can remove most of the curing or curing glue, to ensure the injection valve cleaning thoroughly. The choice of low corrosion cleaning liquid to avoid the impact of the normal use of the injection valve.
In addition to the regular maintenance and cleaning injection valve pressure barrel maintenance work is also essential, pressure bucket for long time storage of various glue, glue in the replacement if not completely removed the residual glue, glue easily affect the consistency and quality, so as to complete the removal of insulating oil can be used in curing glue spraying work curing glue will become soft easily removed completely, in addition to ensuring the dispensing quality but also improve working life to a certain extent.
In order to effectively improve the spraying quality, can make a maintenance cycle and execution, can effectively improve the working quality and service life of jet dispensing machine.