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Spray valve selection tips for spray type dispenser

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There are many differences between the spray dispenser and dispensing machine the new spray process can be used in many industries, whether it is the splicing small products with high precision and large packaging products can be accomplished through jet dispensing machine. The injection valve is an important working parts pointglue injection machine, injection valve through the unique configuration makes the glue glue can get precise control of the injection valve, actually the choice of the existence of certain skills, only choose the valve to complete the work of different dispensing dispensing, dispensing injection machine using a mobile phone package effect can be reflected the high quality injection valve.
Piezoelectric type injection valve belongs to a high performance parts, using pressure injection valve can improve the quality of jet dispensing work and the service life of the electric material, high efficiency spray glue glue coating can meet most of the work, the piezoelectric injector glue accuracy is very high, can do 0.01MM trace glue, in precision production plays an important role in manufacturing, and is suitable for various viscosity glue spraying, the highest for 2000000 mPas of fluid dispensing, can satisfy the different requirements of the production, and the piezoelectric spray valve has a stable and efficient characteristics, the user should choose to manufacture high.
Fan-shaped spray valve is mainly used in large area coating dispensing, using 304 stainless steel, has a higher service life and dispensing quality, and apply different viscosity fluid dispensing, there is a period of pressure atomized glue, to ensure that the problem does not occur when the glue glue plug, the glue evenly coated on the workpiece the surface, to ensure the implementation of high precision comprehensive coating, help the user to complete more work. 高速喷射阀