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How to repair the problems of automatic dispensing machine p

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Precision automatic dispensing machine problems how to repair, maintenance will need to find problems in the position that where, otherwise unable to complete automatic dispensing machine maintenance work, in addition to deliberately dispensing operation problems, as long as there is some common problems, these problems do not have much harm to the dispenser, but for dispensing it the impact is very big, especially high precision equipment.
Several problems of automatic dispensing machine is generally a drain plug, glue, wire drawing, dispensing valve wear, these are the problems that need attention, are the main problems affect the dispensing operation, how the problems need to be solved, or dispensing task cannot be resolved, in the limited arrangement a set of these approaches to the problem.
First, check whether there are any problems in the parts of the precision automatic dispensing machine, and find out the root of the problem, so that we can solve the problem of dispensing better, and then apply the "symptom" to solve the problem of dispensing machine. Drawing is usually caused by air pressure and glue concentration. The lack of pressure is not enough to bring back the glue. It will lead to the problem of glue drawing.
Jam is a common problem, with different drawing condition, the general jam is automatic dispensing glue is not clean, resulting in second times there will be congestion problem, the solution is very different, the use of cleaning liquid which is the most simple way. It is also important to prevent the precision of the glue dispenser from being destroyed.
Although the dispensing valve wear, although the glue of automatic precision dispensing machine, but there is also a friction coefficient. For a long time, the dispensing machine will also be damaged, making a period of time for automatic dispensing machine maintenance, otherwise it will be maintained every day, as long as the maintenance work can be done.