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What is the best way to clean the parts of the automatic glu

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Precision automatic dispensing machine parts with a long time, not infected with a thick smear is blocked, these are mechanical problems, will affect the function of precision dispensing automatic dispensing machine, the problem, effect of dispensing effect will be large, what use cleaning method it would be better to clean the dispenser accessories?
Cleaning automatic dispensing machine accessories at present only two relatively easy to use, the first is the direct use of water and cleaning liquid for cleaning, this method is the most simple, but need to uninstall the precision dispensing machine parts down, if not installed will cause the precision dispensing machine can not operate or dispensing accuracy does not change, then to the dispensing requirements, more serious consequences.
The second way is to clean locally. The shell of the precision automatic dispensing machine is removed, and then the partial cleaning of the dispensing machine is done. Plugging part of the catalyst cleaning, glue dissolved, and then choose environmentally friendly solvents for cleaning, and the remaining glue to clean up, this method is the most appropriate, but also for the entire automatic dispensing machine for a cleaning job.
Automatic dispensing machine cleaning effect of the use of new machines, why other companies can use an automatic dispensing machine for several years, because they made a plan for cleaning, precision automatic dispensing machine accessories to keep a new state, dispensing effect will still be like a new automatic dispensing machine, dispensing effect with high precision. In fact, every time we do the cleaning work according to the requirements, the service life of dispenser is also greatly helpful, and it will not be used in one or two years.