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What is the skill for the selection of the dispensing valve

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The dispensing valve is one of the important parts of automatic dispensing, dispensing valve type selection is particularly important, not to be able to choose a dispensing valve installed in the automatic dispensing machine, will not only affect the dispensing accuracy, but also affect the dispensing speed, the use of such as dispensing valve, manual dispensing machine, selection the dispensing valve has certain skills, select the valve before the appropriate use of automatic dispensing machine.
Automatic glue dispensing machine, is the most simple method, choose according to name, dispensing valve on the market will have its own name, for example: precision dispensing valve, high-speed dispensing valve, liquid dispensing valve, glue dispensing valve and so on, all have these names, you can choose the appropriate dispensing valve according to industry demand, need to use double liquid dispensing machine, is the choice of two liquid dispensing valve. This is the simplest way.
Precision automatic glue dispensing valve selection is very important, the best is to use the screw type dispensing valve, precision automatic dispensing machine for the industry should also be very high precision industry, screw type dispensing valve by using the method of manufacturing in particular, can count the quantity of cement and the control of the amount of glue is more similar. How do you know that the precision glue machine should choose the screw type glue valve? Because of the manufacturing process and experiment according to the screw machine, these needs more understanding of the valve to this method.
Precision automatic dispensing machine parts in addition to the choice of valve, the other parts also need to use the dispensing accessories relatively good, so it can be combined using the best dispensing technology, it can satisfy many industries dispensing requirements, whether big or small amount of glue, glue can easily deal with, it is very important to choose the accessories.