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Automatic dispensing machine for production selection of tou

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Toughened film production using automatic dispensing machine, is already a common dispensing scene, as the pace of development of the mobile phone market is very good, the annual sales volume is reached hundreds of millions more, led to the development of toughened film products, the number of large production, the use of artificial production, need to spend too much manpower, choice automatic dispensing machine is tempered film production equipment, greatly reducing the intensity of work, but also can improve the amount of production, belongs to the concept of enterprise development.
Automatic dispensing machine has become a tempered film production must use the equipment, if use manual production, work twelve hours a day, the most tempered film capable of producing three thousand to four thousand, the monthly labor costs needed to send a large number of the use of automatic dispensing machine production, dispensing work for four to five seconds to complete the toughened film, capable of producing five thousand to six thousand day tempered film, and automatic dispensing machine price is only a lump sum can be used for a long time, can be used for more than five years, can reduce labor costs a lot.
The use of automatic dispensing machine also has a stable daily number, every day can estimate the overall number, according to these data, the expansion of the number of orders, without defaulting, and now the people have not love playing in the factory, and the annual salary increase, the use of the automatic production mode has become popular in the era, but also to meet the needs of production enterprises.
Precision automatic dispensing machine in speed and quantity of glue, the production is very stable, does not often appear dispensing problems, stable yield and high quality products, automatic dispensing machine toughened film production is a very good method, good quality products have a very good help for sales.