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What's the way to choose the needle of an automatic glue dis

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The automatic dispensing machine with needles is still the majority in the market, because the current automatic dispensing machine is expensive, and the production technology has not yet been completed, so the needle dispensing is still the main form. The performance of the large automatic dispensing machine is greatly related to the dispensing needle. The needle is directly related to the dispensing effect. Choosing the right dispensing needle is also a technological activity.
Dispensers have been used for a long time. How to use dispensers have been summarized by many people. According to these methods, we can choose the dispensing needles for the needs of the industry. In fact, the method of choosing the needles is relatively simple. It only needs to be carefully visited once, and basically it is able to write the meeting. According to the large automatic dispensing machine using the glue dispensing needle to appear, for example: the choice of suitable adhesive suitable use teflon needle production.
There is another kind of choice method, after the dispensing valve automatic dispensing machine using large samples, according to the concentration of adhesive glue and choose appropriate glue dispensing needle, small, light concentration, choice of small needles, glue, high concentration, large selection of needles, and if the concentration of glue the amount is medium, on the choice of medium dispensing needles, this choice should pay attention to the glue dispensing needle, whether it is appropriate to use the point of the needle, so as not to affect the performance of large-scale automatic dispensing machine.
The performance of large-scale automatic dispensing machine is based on these parts began to accumulate, are very fragile, where there is a problem, it will directly affect the effect of dispensing, dispensing needles which are good, is to improve the effect of dispensing, the use of mechanical requires that careful the products can do better.