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Parameters for the use of accessories for a desktop dispense

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Desktop automatic dispensing machine accessories use will affect the effect of dispensing, dispensing quality is based on the use of accessories and the production process has a direct relationship, the higher the application of industry needs more difficulty of dispensing, dispensing technology is provided according to the use of accessories, high-end industries are using high-end dispensing accessories, such as manufacturing the equipment can be used in high-end industry.
In which parts need to use a desktop FPC plate dispensing type automatic dispensing machine, in fact, is the basic of the several parts, such as: dispensing valve, dispensing needles, rubber hose, pressure controller, barrel, guide, mechanical arm, motor and so on, these are the parts used in the dispensing machine, dispensing technology is based on the parts of the technology determines the quality of each product, just use the different technology to produce accessories type may be the same, but the effect is different.
Desktop accessories automatic dispensing machine one by one parameter list, for example: the dispensing valve dispensing valve using the glue volume can reach 0.01ml, the frequency is less than 600 BPM, suitable for the 1-5000cps viscosity, dispensing controller is precise controller; import hoses used abroad are using nanotubes; pressure barrel Teflon material making use of wire rod; manipulator control mode; motor is imported; these are the parameters of desktop automatic dispensing machine.