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What kind of glue valve is used in the automatic dispensing

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Dispensing valve as an important parts of dispensing equipment, plays a role in the dispensing process, put the glue into the barrel pressure, pressure of compressed air into the barrel, the glue pressed and the cylinder connected to the feed tube, through a signal to the solenoid valve, so valve piston driven dispensing down movement, glue through the cylinder, glue is extruded from the needle, this is the dispensing valve in the dispensing process in the role.
With the rapid increase in recent years, dispensing valve production technology, types and functions of the dispensing valve is constantly increasing, for example: hot melt glue dispensing machine using hot melt glue dispensing valve, anaerobic adhesive dispensing machine using anaerobic adhesive dispensing valve, automatic dispensing dispensing valve is a thimble type dispensing valve etc.. Is that the type of glue valve used by the full automatic glue dispenser for the rectification bridge?
Usually the bridge rectifier are small, this volume is in use is also more convenient, so it is often used to household appliances and industrial electronic circuit applications, application is very extensive. The product has the advantages of small volume, convenient for users at the same time, to manufacturers of problems there are many, such as: small volume the product of glue viscosity is relatively high, and also need high requirements in precision dispensing.
So the dispensing valve with automatic dispenser for dispensing the rectifier bridge must be of high viscosity glue has the advantages of low sensitivity, in the dispensing process to avoid too much gum, or after dispensing leave residue, drawing, tailing and other issues, the best dispensing valve with suction according to the above conditions, then summed up the back suction dispensing valve.