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Can the injection valve enhance the coating effect of the gl

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The dispensing valve can be divided into two ways, one is non - contact type of glue valve, the other is contact type glue valve. The non contact type of glue valve is mainly the injection valve, and the contact type glue valve is more common. Injection valve voltage will be produced by the piezoelectric material is converted into mechanical energy by spraying, spraying speed, glue volume is relatively small. It is suitable for use in coating, circuit boards, electronic components and other products. During dispensing, ejector valves can cooperate with dispensers for dispensing, dispensing efficiency is high. So what are the advantages of the jet dispenser in an industry?
Painting, circuit boards and other products can be used in automatic jet dispensing machine, jet dispensing function of spray work to X, Y, Z direction, spray speed. The dispensing machine is based on control system for dispensing work, on the power switch to start jet dispensing machine, staff manual debugging of spray work. The dispensing operation is relatively simple, although a dispensing machine needs a staff to change the operations, but the dispensing efficiency of a jet dispensing machine an employee dispensing efficiency several times, high efficiency spray.
Unlike the glue dispenser equipped with a contact valve, the jetting machine can quickly finish the injection without contact with the product. In the process of painting, the effect of the coating is strengthened by the spray type dispenser. Because the technology of the domestic spray dispenser is not very mature, compared with some glue dispensers, the price of the injection type glue dispenser will be higher. After the use of the glue machine, it is best to clean the dispenser once, which can prolong the service life of the injection molding machine and make the glue work easy. 自动点胶阀