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Problems of dispensing valve in visual automatic dispensing

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The dispensing valve visual automatic dispensing machine is a unique custom, the circulation work valve automatic dispensing machine is mainly responsible for the processing of glue dispensing work, the dispensing valve after the treatment of glue in the dispensing work effect is very good, can perform different kinds of dispensing work, whether it be work equipment precision after long-term use may there are some problems, the work intensity of vision automatic glue dispensing valve is higher, in the case of long-term use may be some problems.
Because of the visual automatic dispensing machine adopts automatic detection system, reaction sensitivity of the dispensing valve to achieve immediate effect, the working parameters modify the meaning is the operator through visual observation system, the sensitivity of the dispensing valve to reach very high level, with the change immediately, so long-term use will affect the dispensing the valve works, if there are no special requirements would be best to reduce the workload to reduce the burden of dispensing valve, if the implementation of batch automatic dispensing work to do daily maintenance accessories.
We usually say that the bubble will disappear after mixing the glue evenly, in fact this kind of cognition is wrong, no matter how powerful the work of automatic dispensing valve will not completely eliminate the bubbles in the glue, can only be close to completely eliminate state, will affect the glue glue when the bubble is too large to use effect, can replace the needles to solve the problem of excessive glue bubbles, such as oblique conical needle. 点胶双液喷雾阀