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What accessories do the desktop dispenser use to meet the ca

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Desktop glue machine can also be called the desktop glue machine, the model is relatively small, it is more convenient to place, and there are more parts in the tabletop glue machine. Camera module glue dispensing in addition to ensure production and quality of products, but also reduce manual operation, but requires the camera module of dispensing is relatively high, the glue point is relatively small, so the best choice in the dispensing dispensing valve for dispensing small needle work. So what kind of dispenser accessories will be used when the camera module is glued to the camera module?
1, dispensing valve
The glue valve has two working modes of electric and pneumatic, which is an indispensable part in the desktop dispensing machine. Before the camera module is glued to the camera module, the appropriate dispensing valve can be selected according to the requirement of the glue, so as to avoid the unsuitable effect of the glue dispensing valve. Before the glue is done, the adhesive pressure and the glue speed can be adjusted according to the requirements, and the glue can be easily done.
2. Glue needles
After selecting the appropriate dispensing valve, according to the camera module requires the selection of appropriate dispensing needles, but there are many types of dispensing needles, such as common stainless steel needles, needles, brush buckle needles, when the choice also need to choose according to the nature of the use of glue.
3. Pressure bucket
The pressure barrel is stored in glue, dispensing work, pressure barrels desktop dispenser can be used for dispensing glue to work will carry rubber valve of compressed air, but in the process of dispensing work before the need to check the sealing effect using the pressure barrel is intact, if the pressure barrel good sealing to replace the best avoid using, good sealing glue to accelerate the solidification speed.