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What is the advantage of selecting the glue valve for the re

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Dispensing and dispensing valve with the industry, now with the development of science and technology, various industries began to rise, such as the mobile phone industry, from the original mobile phone keyboard, capacitive touch screen mobile phone to now, or is the electric tool industry, from the original large welding machine, now the portable welding machine, there is a lot of progress, no matter how progress, they cannot do without voltage for multi axis automatic dispensing machine accessories double acting suction dispensing valve.
Why is it inseparable from the glue technology? Because the use of glue to the precision during the mobile phone, not only is a few screws fix the screws, because iron is so used in conductive iron, not conductive place is certainly not enough, such as mobile phone CPU framework, and capacitance screen, electric tool brush slot, so it can organize dispensing the conductive.
Choose double acting suction dispensing valve is composed of reason, double acting suction dispensing valve has two characteristics, the first is driven by dispensing valve second is started, because it will suck, to brush groove angle grinder with double acting dispensing suction dispensing valve, pay attention not to let the internal water flow to brush slot, use double acting dispensing glue dispensing when the external will flow, this time dispensing valve played on his property, to ensure the normal suction slot can brush installed on the grinder body.
Complex moving suction dispensing valve also has a role in life is, single action dispensing valve is completely with the reset spring, we all know that spring is life, but spring life directly influences the service life of the valve to glue, so the double acting suction dispensing valve is a good choice.