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The choice of the floor type UV dispenser is the product glu

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Underground UV dispenser is a relatively large dispensing equipment, most of which are customized type, general manufacturers will not produce, because there is no standard model of UV dispenser, mainly customized according to industry production needs, such as: for kettle seals used in the floor dispenser belongs to customized equipment, in this Industry production has a "congenital" advantage.
Floor dispenser
Components of floor dispensing equipment
A high-quality dispensing machine is composed of a lot of high-quality configuration, such as: floor-mounted UV dispensing machine has a super-large dispensing platform, two to three sets of motors, three sets of control shaft screw, super-large dispensing pressure barrel, 10.4 liquid crystal display, screw controller and so on, these are belong to the floor-mounted dispensing machine accessories, are relatively large. The glue dispensing advantage of large dispensing machines can be achieved by gluing multiple kettles.
The most important requirement of glue coating water
Ultraviolet dispensing machine has three-axis positioning dispensing technology and circular dispensing technology to meet the requirements. Sealing requirements of the kettle base, the use of different accessories for each equipment, with different glue advantages, choose a larger advantage of equipment, can improve the effect of UV glue coating, otherwise the kettle base seal will not choose floor dispensing machine for production.
UV glue dispenser
The size of the floor type UV dispensing machine
The external size of the floor dispensing machine 650 * 850 * 1700, X, Y, Z axis can move in the scope of 500 * 500 * 100, the scope is relatively large, can put several products at the same time dispensing, so that uninterrupted production mode, can quickly complete the kettle base seal. In fact, the advantages of any dispensing equipment are directly related to the configuration, so the production of which equipment is good for the industry, manufacturers will communicate with customers, such as UV dispensing machine to meet the requirements of UV glue coating, how can this equipment be recommended for dispensing, rather than randomly choose one.
Large dispensing machine
There are a lot of dispensing equipment on the market now, floor-mounted UV dispensing machine is only one of the many equipment, is more in line with the kettle base sealing machine, in the glue advantage is also relatively large, so choose to produce in this industry, this is the key to improve the quality of products, UV glue coating is more exquisite.