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High speed dispensing valve for improving dispensing efficie

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  High-speed dispensing valve is a high-precision dispensing accessories, can be assembled in a variety of dispensing machines, in gantry spray dispensing machine application can not only improve dispensing efficiency, but also non-contact spraying work, reducing the application of dispensing needles, but also to avoid dispensing needles contact with the appearance of the product, should be caused by some reasons. And so on.

  Introduction of relevant parameters of high speed dispensing valve

  High-speed dispensing valve can realize contact dispensing work, also can carry out non-contact dispensing work mode, is a multi-functional dispensing accessories, in gantry spray dispensing machine application can improve dispensing efficiency. The gantry spray dispensing machine is a large-scale dispensing equipment, can be assembled with a number of high-speed dispensing valves, in the application of mahjong spray links, can greatly improve the quality of spray dispensing production. The appearance of the high-speed dispensing valve is made of stainless steel, aluminum and other metal materials. It will not appear wear, dispensing and other production problems in the long-term use of mahjong spraying links, and has a longer service life. And this dispensing valve for a wide range of types of glue, can be high and low this kind of glue for dispensing paint.

  Mahjong paint uses high speed dispensing valve advantage

  Mahjong surface pattern is completed by dispensing and spraying technology. In the process of spraying mahjong, the production efficiency of dispensing can be greatly improved by applying gantry spraying dispensing machine. With high precision and high efficiency high speed dispensing valve, the paint can be sprayed to mahjong quickly and evenly. In order to finish dispensing and spraying work, and compared with the staff dispensing and spraying, the use of intelligent gantry spraying dispensing machine can also introduce a lot of labor productivity.
  The use of gantry spray dispensing machine in the spray links of mahjong can reduce the operating costs of employees, and can effectively improve dispensing efficiency by matching high-speed dispensing valves.